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CD, 19 Tracks, Released on 2003

Romance is What Counts by VariousRomance is What Counts by Various

Track Listing

  1. Disc 1

  2. ('Ad Machar) Till Tomorrow
  3. ha-Retsinut Hi Mimeni ve-Halah (Not Very Serious)
  4. ha-Kol Kalui (In The Sun)
  5. 'Im Yivaled Li Yeled (If I Have A Child)
  6. Tayvat ha-Zimrah Nifredet (The Music-Box Departs)
  7. Shir ba-Emtsa' ha-Laylah (A Song In The Middle Of The Night)
  8. Namah Yafo (Sleeping Jaffa)
  9. Dag ha-Zahav (The Gold Fish)
  10. 'Erev 'Ironi (Urban Evening)
  11. Shir Hitorerut (Waking Up Song)
  12. Shiro Shel Max (Max's Song)
  13. Shir ha-Tshuva (The Tshuva Song)
  14. Im Titahev Ay Pa'am (If You Ever Fall In Love)
  15. Negi'ah Achat Rakah (A Gentle Touch)
  16. 'Atur Mitschech Zahav Shachor (Wreath Of Blackened Gold)
  17. Bila'adayich (Without You)
  18. ha-'Ikar Zeh ha-Romantikah (Romance Is What Counts)
  19. Zeh Kol Mah she-Yesh (And That's All There Is)
  20. Shir Nevui Kosmi 'Aliz (A Happy Cosmic Song)

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The Songs of Yoni Rechter


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