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CD, Released on 2004

Bass, Sweat and Tears by GaudiBass, Sweat and Tears by Gaudi


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Customer Reviews

This album is special. Not just because it’s Gaudi’s fifth, not just because there are 42 musicians from around the world and dub music circles playing on this album and not just because it took 3 and a half years of traveling the world to record it. Nope. The thing is, there’s so much spirit grained through his album; it’s like it’s permeated with this benevolence, this cheese-free optimism and general positivity at the state of the planet (or if not its state, then a celebration of its diversity and artistry). Anyway the point is, it works. The chanting and pace of Sufani is a sheer delight, and percussive runs of Ayahuasca Deep Fall are nothing short of staggering (especially when turned up loud), while Tutta pe’me and …And The Esrth Said: Oh My God are staggering showcases of completely different vocals, point in completely different directions, but somehow seem to make the same point: that of a joyously creative planet. Gaudi has an innate feeling for dub, thus tracks have a tendency to leave rich, soaking bass pouring out of your speakers. It’s like a breath of fresh air this, really. There’s no pretensions to chilled-trance credibility, no mimicry, no desperate attempt to elongate one or two of the tracks; in fact, one gets the rare feeling listening to this, that Gaudi had to cut out more tracks than he left in, a real testament to the quality and artistry that’s gone into this. One word of warning is that your girlfriend or even your mum may end up nicking this. It’s also incredibly involved, exquisitely-crafted, one hundred percent quality. This is simply one of the best dub/world music albums I have ever heard. F.H